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Blue Light Filter Glasses

Ever heard of blue light filter glasses? It's a mouthful, but you wear it on your nose. Protects your eyes against calamities. Do you understand? Well, you can read about it here. You will also receive a little extra explanation. Without immediately ending up in a complete frumpy tutorial.

Nice typing, nice looking. Hours behind the screen. Busy busy… Bullshit of course, because you're just on websites that don't really matter to the average employee or self-employed person. Surfing a bit online, shopping and s… the three s's indeed. That's how you get through your working day. Freedom of happiness with working from home or at your own fancy furnished office. No shark crowing at you, unless it's those le coq sportif sneakers you hear beeping. No, then the employees who simply have to do the typing silently under the prying eye of their boss. They don't get a chance to switch websites, because then they will immediately be reprimanded. No pay rise, no extra beer from the Chief on Friday. Nothing, nada, niente. So be careful if you end up in a real office. Even hiding your searching gaze behind sunglasses won't help.

Either way, it will give you square eyes and a pointy head. Whether you spend hours messing around on wrong websites or actually working, it is and remains bad for the eyes. Solution? We offer that! Yes anyway. Not then. Go for a really striking great blue ligth filter glasses. A what?

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5 sunglasses 12,5% discount
6 or more sunglasses 15% discount

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Do blue light filter glasses work?

A what? Are you asking: do blue light filter glasses work? Odd question. Of course it works! It is the solution for those who cannot keep pace, know no limits, have no brakes and cannot stop surfing (or for those who are just a workaholic). We're not talking about hot dudes who dash off the beach into the surf with a board under their arm and have a washboard somewhere nearby, to skim back to the beach while floating over a wave. No, we're talking about someone who just keeps jumping from one site to another. If you can't control yourself and keep surfing, it's better to use the filter glasses to save yourself physically. So the eyes.

Buy blue light filter

Now we find ourselves in a bit of a split, because we mentioned above that you need those glasses to surf and to keep browsing on the world wide web. Hours in a row. But of course you don't have those blue light filter glasses yet. That is why you must first buy a blue light filter breeding. Online. Through our website. So browse on for a while, but in our direction. Aloha, say! Ride a barrel and grab that wave… er, order those glasses. You will have it at home in no time and you can go on and on and on. hang loose!

Blue light filter glasses experiences

Have you recovered from your browsing adventure? Did you like it? Yep, we're asking the questions here. We would like to know what you think of those blue light filter glasses. Although of course we already know the answer. They are damn good and also have a tight fit. You won't get tired eyes with it, you don't have to wipe the tears anymore and you stay focused. Although we sometimes omit the latter in our communication, because that focus often has to do with completely different things. In short: surf to the order page and make a kickflip! We don't have a lineup. It's your turn right away. Order it, order it, order it… No, in our province they have no sea and therefore no waves, but you can order our glasses from every province. No more fiddling with tired eyes. From now on, look straight ahead, 'nose' ahead, shall we say, and do your work. enough. sick man! And now in plain Dutch: Nice example, those blue light filter glasses.