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Round Sunglasses

So why should you buy round sunglasses? Well back in the day people thought that the earth wasn't round. They thought it was as flat as a piece of paper. Strange huh? Luckily we found out that the earth definitely is round. In honour of this discovery we designed and sourced some uber cool round sunglasses. We have these retro babies in all shapes and sizes so you can eat your fashionable heart out. Go rock your superstylish outfit and add a finishing shine with some old skool round sunglasses or go arty farty for chunky frames. Whatever you want, we have it all in store for you. So go explore your inner boho-chic beauty or become that stylish hipster and get yourself a pair of these really remarkable round retro sunglasses.

Big, round sunglasses can be defined as the sunglasses hit of 2023. We now deliver across the globe! :)

1 pair of sunglasses €10,95
2 pair of sunglasses €20,-
every next pair only €8,-

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Color Lens: Blue
Height (cm): 5
Recycled: Yes

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