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It is the year 2022 which means we have the ability to use the Internet and order products online – YAY!! At you can buy a lot of top notch 2022 sunglasses because they’re reeeeally low-priced just the way you like it. In our headquarters where the big bosses work, everyone is so fashion minded and driven (or you can also say OBSESSED) with the latest trends that you will get the hippest sunglasses for sho. No need to worry 'bout that. In the meantime while we’re staying super focused, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the ride on our webstore. One word: GO! Each pair of sunglasses combines great styling with surprisingly good quality, performance and comfort! With always more then 800 different models in stock, we can almost guarantee you will find your new favourite pair of sunglasses on our website. So stop wasting your money each year on the newest designer sunglasses! With Cheapass you can keep up with the latest 2022 styles and fashions without the stress of losing, scratching or sitting on your favourite sunglasses as a new pair is easily affordable! All sunglasses are now shipped worldwide!

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Color Frame: Black (matte)
Height (cm): 5.5
UV protection: No

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  1. NDL2581var
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