Hair Plug

When a man eventually loses his testosterone, his hair will inevitably fall out causing him so much emotional grief that he becomes violent and aggressive. That or he becomes a weak little baby, crying at every little thing. The only solution to this is to get hair plugs so that his fragil ego can be glued together enough to allow him to function like a normal person. It's a necessary cycle of being a man. We'll all be there eventually.

More Information

UV protection 100% UV protection, category 3
Lens Type Polarized, 1.1 mm TAC
Material Acetate
Gender Men
Color Frame Brown
Color Lens Black
Width 14,9 cm
Height 4,2 cm
Lenght of temple 14,3 cm
Lens Width 5,1 cm
Between Lenses 1,6 cm
SKU S1025