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Sports Glasses

Sports without sunglasses? Unwise. Since we value you as a customer, we assume that you are wise to keep UV rays out while exercising. Apply good sunscreen and put glasses on your nose. Cool sunglasses of course. But first about sports.

We do sports to look appetizing. Anyone who says they enjoy doing a workout in nature, running around or cycling is telling a funny story. Come on; You don't do squats fifty times and hold the plank for minutes for fun. Running ten kilometers sounds so far and those guys who run a marathon are not wise. Not to mention a cycle around the IJsselmeer. It's still a round, isn't it? If you might as well stay where you are, you will achieve the same thing.

Look, that's one side of the story. The other side is that exercising can be quite addictive, it keeps you healthy and keeps your body in shape. No one has ever become fitter from exaggerating. So do what makes you feel good and get off that couch. So much for this sports plea.

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Sports sunglasses men

Before we get too pedantic or sappy, let's get into it here with the most daring sports sunglasses you can imagine. The discodel. That alone would make you buy a mountain bike. Or one of those nice carbon bikes. Totally flashy. Can I say that? Yes, I can say that… to use Mart Smeets sports terms. Gentlemen, gentlemen! With sunglasses on your head you will still find a good dose of sportiness, even if you are pedaling around on that light racing bike with a slightly overweight body. Just carry on!

Sports sunglasses ladies

We can tell a similar story for the ladies, with the difference that the glasses really have to match the outfit. Men sometimes want to appear as a kind of fairground attraction with reflective shirts and old pants, with broken compression stockings and a headband à la seventies. Women know how to practice their sport. Namely stylish. The colors are correct, the set is stunning in terms of color combination. For example in chic moss green. That's perfect, especially if she adds the Nordic combination. That red one, because that is the complementary color of green. And if she goes for the blue one? Then she wears orange socks. Precisely; also complementary. Complements each other wonderfully, offering harmony and sport delightfully.

Polaroid sports sunglasses

If you want to protect yourself against the low sun or glare from the sun on the water, for example, choose a Polaroid copy with the extra filter that stops this. This keeps you seeing well and clearly. Very important if you have to follow the correct route while running or cycling. And what about the slogan: post! Don't overlook it.

Buy sports sunglasses at

If you are looking for sunglasses that not only do what they are supposed to do, but also offer a spectacular and sporty look, then is the place for you. We think it's very cozy and that's why it's not a bad idea to take two. You couldn't choose anyway, well then. And that saves a few bucks. Not two for the price of one, that doesn't make sense, but a second one for many euros less and if you're still in doubt, the third one really doesn't cost anything anymore. So that's what we mean.