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Browse sunglasses for women, sunglasses for men and other cheap sunglasses in various styles. Product range models in stock are aviator sunglasses, wayfarer sunglasses, clubmaster sunglasses, mirrored sunglasses, round sunglasses and Festival sunglasses. Quickly and easily navigate our webstore to find what you are looking for as we carry all 2024 styles!
Cheapass Sunglasses offers you a broad range of eyewear at an incredible price, especially when using our stack discount. With Cheapass you can easily buy multiple cheap sunglasses online to match any outfit! Are you constantly losing, scratching or breaking your shades? Shop with us online worry-free and pick up some backup pairs for your car or purse! We now deliver worldwide for the one time cost of €1.95! Shop our exclusive designer inspired sunglasses for only €10.95!

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To cope with the latest trends we are constantly updating our best collection of cheap and fashionable sunglasses online. Despite the pricing, you would be surprised about the quality of our sunnies as we only select models that are durable, unique, stylish and offer you 100% UV protection. We have kept our finger on the pulse of 2024 styles to make sure you get the best!

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Choose by:

  • color
  • style
  • shape
  • outfit
  • mood
  • time of day
  • occasion

All the more reason to buy sunglasses, but which ones? First, choose one that matches your outfit, the color of your hair or eyes, the style of your outfit, the time of day and your mood. It goes without saying that you can't make do with just one pair of glasses. Sunglasses are like a pair of shoes, you don't wear the same ones every day. Better for your feet, and better for your appearance. You can make a smashing impression if you enter a terrace with sunglasses on your nose that suit you completely. Terrace goers will wonder what makes your appearance so great, as it is not immediately obvious that it is precisely the combination of those sunglasses and your outfit that make up a whole. If you can pull that off, you're doing it right.

Wear sunglasses daily:

  • in the car
  • on your bike
  • on the scooter
  • while walking
  • during sports


  • velig
  • no glare
  • no reflection
  • clear sight
  • good looks

In addition, of course, it is important to always have sunglasses with you when you get in a car, on a bicycle or a scooter. Anyone who has their own handlebars must put safety first, and in our country you can't do without sunglasses. Not because it is always super sunny, but because the sun is sometimes low and without sunglasses you can be blinded by it. You can then quickly see an oncoming car too late. Sunglasses are also recommended in sunny winter weather. Especially then, your eyes can often hardly tolerate the clear air including the sun and its reflection when there is ice and snow, for example. Sunglasses allow you to look calmly and with proper protection for your eyes. In short; you wear sunglasses all year round and with multiple pieces you can combine to your heart's content.

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Sunglasses women

The same goes for the ladies, of course. Frivolous summer dress, sporty onesie, stylish jeans or a suit with heels underneath? We have the right sunglasses for every style. Because our sunglasses are so affordable, you can put several in your handbag and change your style to your heart's content. If you still see it all in the morning and go to the office, you will look good with, for example, timeless saints sunglasses with black frames. However, if you walk out of that same office on Friday afternoon and are in for a treat, put the bitch switch on your nose. 'Never a dull moment'. The weekend is about to begin! Variation is a must because you are not always in the same mood and days are never the same. There's one more thing we'd like to mention here, because you really shouldn't overlook it: the crème de la crème. A pair of sunglasses that you will recognize from thousands that bears this name simply because it is. This is the cream of the crop. A name that perhaps better suits these glasses, also because of the color, but the name remains as it is. A fantastic and special frame that suits the woman of our time. Whether you are wearing a brown turtleneck or a bright pink dress; this is it!

Sunglasses men

Whether you wear a suit, chinos with a polo shirt, jeans and a shirt or a jogging suit. You always wear sunglasses. A chic neutral pair like the sea salt or the snazzy forest ranger, for example. Make your choice with a wink, but keep looking closely. Because if you make your choice with a clear view, you know what to do with those glasses on your nose. Everything for the right attitude!

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Men do not exclusively wear sunglasses with black or brown frames. Those days are far behind us. If you want to look a little creative, go for golden delicious and that is still reasonably safe. Those who dare can also wear the blue bitcoin blues, which can be bought for next to nothing but retain their value. A step further? Then go for the chili lipzz. Need we say more! (also cool for women, by the way). Here it is clear that it is not only the frame that determines the look of glasses and thus your appearance. The color of the lenses also plays a role, a big one even. And then there is the shape of the glasses that gives you a more intelligent, more creative, more student-like or even more sophisticated look. It's just what you desire and what you feel comfortable with. Thus, you can make a big game out of wearing sunglasses. Those who are creative enough will know how to use them. If you are not so keen on that, then go for a more timeless frame that suits your look. Just as well.

Polarized sunglasses men

For those who are behind the wheel every day, polarized sunglasses are actually a must. It's both safer driving and calmer viewing. Our polarized sunglasses come with polarized lenses and the choice is vast. Strong and flexible sunglasses that come in a variety of shapes and colors. After all, the lenses come not only in dark black, but also, for example, in pink, green and red. This makes these glasses special specimens that you can enjoy all year round. After all, you're not just dealing with that bright sun in the summer. These acetate sunglasses are available for both women and men. From tiger print frames to real so-called aviator-look sunglasses. Acetate sunglasses are a bit pricier to make, but the quality is second to none. Perhaps the time has come for you to give polarized acetate sunglasses a try!?

Cheap Sunglasses

All the sunglasses we offer are scored at a very affordable price. With us, no expensive or high end. No haute-couture prices, but still the looks. What a great way to shop online. Need Polaroid sunglasses for the whole family because you're all going on a winter trip? Need glitzy sunglasses because you're traveling to Ibiza with your whole group of friends. Buy them all at once. Get rid of the hassle and get a big discount. You can come home with that, and then go on your trip.

Sports glasses

  • clear vision
  • safe sports
  • rugged look

More info...

But even for those who stay home, work at home or cocoon at home, sunglasses can't hurt. Relaxing in the garden, taking a walk or running around the block. You can use our sunglasses for that perfectly. Speaking of that running; we also offer the most amazing sports glasses. For women and men. For running a lap, biking a long way or completing your triathlon. In that case, the classy one is for you! But the chasse patate is also one that might not look out of place on you. No offense. All in all, you can never do without a good pair of sports glasses when you're running the stars in your shorts or tight or doing a workout in the park. After all, you always want to look your best, to look somewhat appetizing even if the sweat is gushing from your forehead. Whether it's on the green grass, through the muck or down a shell path. But all kidding aside. Imagine racing through the woods on your mountain bike and there's that low autumn sun through the trees. Looks beautiful, but when you make that one little turn, you just can't see anything anymore. You can't do that, of course, because you're not the only one in that forest and you'll run over a hiker in no time. And of course it is also important that you can safely tear yourself across those forest paths. Sunglasses on. In that case, you can choose from our specially selected sport glasses.

Festival Glasses

At a party you have to look good, nothing is crazy enough! Let us support this motto with a huge collection of festival glasses! From tiny little party glasses to giant welding sunglasses. Or cute heart-shaped sunglasses in bright colors. And as always, no one needs to know where you bought it, Cheapass Sunglasses is not printed on them in cow letters or in small print. Satisfied and well-dressed, you can be on your way to your favorite music festival in the Netherlands, Belgium or far beyond. If you do go: tag us on Instagram after a beer or 16. Preferably outside office hours though, otherwise we get thirsty too.


Polaroid sunglasses

If we really focus on what light does, we also come across Polaroid sunglasses and you soon find out that not all light is created equal. Very bright sunlight, or its reflection, requires a different filter on your glasses. We mentioned it before: the light that is reflected through different surfaces, for example, when the sun is very low. We also call this horizontal light. Light that is reflected through horizontal surfaces. This is, for example, light on a wet highway surface that is reflected, or snow that reflects light.


  • is an additional filter on your sunglasses
  • blocks reflection light
  • keeps glare at bay
  • provides safety
polaroid zonnebrilpolaroid zonnebril
Polarized sunglasses block this bright light and stop reflections and glare. It prevents glare and allows you to continue to see the world around you sharply and clearly. Often, such sunglasses have dark lenses. Of course, glasses with a polarizing filter also have good UV protection.

Buying Sunglasses at Cheapass Sunglasses

Don't hesitate to browse through and search for the glasses that suit you. If you're looking forward to wearing those sunglasses every morning and constantly looking into the dark window to see how good they look, you're onto something. Buying sunglasses at Cheapass Sunglasses is therefore truly an experience. You can imagine how you can look the day after. Yes indeed! Because ordering today is wearing tomorrow. Niceass man, and woman.

Brand sunglasses

We don't hang on to brands, except our own Cheapass! Brands don't say anything. Looks say it all. And if it's healthy for your wallet you don't care about that. We go for other themes like aviator sunglasses, wayfarer sunglasses, wooden sunglasses, festival sunglasses, oversized sunglasses and so on. Need more. Cool sunglasses that are either timeless or trendy that you can wear anytime, any day, any occasion. You just look for the sunglasses or sunglasses that fit what you want to stand for, that make you look good, that you can see well through and that simply make you happy! Mission accomplished.

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