Hustle and Flow

This the type that'll make you spit off the top of the dome like one of those battle rappers. You'll surprise yourself at how incredible your rap skills are. If I can give you some words of wisdom, please read your contract before you sign it. Now, I have a hit song and I only made five dollars from it because I'm stupid and I didn't read what I was signing. Those fat cats in hollywood are just taking all of my money. Also if you get a lawyer make sure you get a Jew.

More Information

UV protection 100% UV protection, category 3
Lens Type Polarized, 1.1 mm TAC
Material Acetate
Gender Men
Color Frame Black
Color Lens Black
Width 14,1 cm
Height 4,9 cm
Lenght of temple 14,1 cm
Lens Width 5,3 cm
Between Lenses 1,6 cm
SKU S1009