Phantoms are similar to ghosts with one main exception. Phantoms were never real to begin with. They were born ghosts and have but one mission: To make every living creature on earth a ghost. They're hungry to kill humans and fill the living world with the dead. This might sound cool to some people but what they don't know is that once the earth is full of ghosts then the Bahamian junkanoo group known as the Baha Men will return to play a never ending loop of "Who Let the Dogs Out" as it is their destiny.

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UV protection 100% UV protection, category 3
Lens Type Normal
Material Metal & Synthetic
Gender Women
Color Frame Multicolor
Color Lens Black
Width 15,1 cm
Height 5,5 cm
Lenght of temple 15,3 cm
Lens Width 5,3 cm
Between Lenses 1,9 cm
SKU 5525