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Wayfarer sunglasses are definitely one of the most enduring fashion icons of the 20th century. However, we all know that Ray-Ban wayfarers are kind of expensive. Cheapass Sunglasses offers a whole bunch of Wayfararer style sunglasses but waaaay cheaper? And you know what? We even have them in so many colors and combinations that they might even be prettier than the real and expensive deal. Just saying. With these beauties you really can go somewhere and shine away into that perfect sunset or clubnight. Or you can sit at home with a cup of tea, where no one sees you but you will still feel pretty great about yourself. Because you have to believe us on this one, our cheap Wayfarer sunglasses are the bomb!

The other big ass benefit of our Cheapass Wayfarer sunglasses is that because they are so cheap you can buy 3 or more sunglasses while staying best mates with your bank account. So if you are feeling like spoiling yourself, our Cheap wayfarer style sunglasses are your magical budget-gate to wonder and eternal happiness.

2023 is all about wayfarer sunglasses with mirrored lenses and our collection of cheap wayfarer sunglasses has accumulated as fast as the number of coat hangers in your closet. If you have read up to this point you deserve a reward, and that should be 1 to 20 new pairs of Wayfarer sunglasses!!

1 pair of sunglasses €10,95
2 pair of sunglasses €20,-
every next pair only €8,-

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