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Cheap Wooden Sunglasses

There they are: our cheap wooden sunglasses! No real wood ofcourse, primates and birds need the trees where wood is made from. We can use a bit of wood to construct our homes but that's it! Is there anything worse than wood to use producing sunglasses? Yes! There is! Bamboo! Sunglasses made from bamboo are horrible. Bamboo is the favourite snack of the giant panda and this creature loves his snack. When is not in the mood of making out, which is one every four years, he will eat 30 kilograms of bamboo a day! Well, back to our sunglasses. They are made 100% of recycled plastic. Take a look yourself, the wood prints are amazing.

1 pair of sunglasses €10,95
2 pair of sunglasses €20,-
every next pair only €8,-

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