The Dwarf Chimpanzee

When we say "dwarf chimpanzee" some people think we're referring to the bonobo. We're actually talking about Rowdy, a dwarf who likes to cosplay as a chimpanzee. We know what you're thinking: Dwarves don't exist. Well, actually, they do. And they enjoy dressing up as animals as much as humans do. Well, some humans!

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SKU 6492
Gender Women
UV protection 100% UV protection, category 3
Lens Type Normal, 100% recycled rPMMA-L
Width 14,6 cm
Height 5,9 cm
Lenght of temple 14 cm
Lens Width 5,4 cm
Between Lenses 2 cm
Color Frame Brown
Color Lens Brown
Material 100% Recycled Polyester, rPCTG